LA Colors Enchanting

Hi everyone!

Let's start with a really lovely color Enchanting, or should I say colours :) This color has so many faces in various angles and lights so it can't be called just "a color". That's why it's called duochrome ^^ There is orange glitter on lilac base making that effect in this polish.

How about some pictures? :)

LA Colors Enchanting two topcoats, with OPI base coat and no top coat:

Pic.1. My camera couldn't catch good the douchrome on my nails, but it's there in the bottle. Nails are the more like as the color in bottle in reality ;) 

 Pic.2. Here is duochrome little more visible on nails than on previous picture.

Pic.3. This picture is for you to see how can a sun and angle of watching change the look of the polish. Dramatically, huh? :D

Pic.4. This picture was taken under artificial light. Some times colors are best shown in that kind of light, and here that's the case. Glitter is very visible but less that on nails, ofc :)

And here are some pictures of bottle so you can see color better.

I just want to say that I payed surprisingly low price for a pretty nail polish and bottle of 12 mL O.o I  definitely would recommend this one. 

Feel free to leave any comments, or send it via mail ;) 

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