Zoya - Charla

This beautiful colors is called Zoya Charla

Whenever I see it I remember mermaids instantly, and their iridescent fish tail. Color is really astonishing, containing light and dark green glitter in blue base.

I've putted 2 coats of Zoya, but if you want it to be opaque even when looking it facing light, put 3 coats just to be sure. On top of it there is Seche Vite, althrough this polish shines like crazy even without it!


My collection

Dear readers!

I finally took some pictures of my collection with over 230 polishes! For bigger pictures please click on picture that interest you.  

And for really big pictures do this:
- right click on picture
- choose option "Open link in new tab"
- go to new tab and click on picture (+)

Some of them (around 50) are swatched on this blog, and I've made very easy way for you to find them. On the left you have column with all of my polishes presented with their name. If I have swatched some polish it is presented as link, so when you click on polish name it will lead you to post where I wrote about that polish :)

Pictures are sorted by colors:
 - in reds we have reds, pinks and oranges
 Artificial light:  
Daylight (all next pictures are taken in daylight):
- blues:
Next colors aren't sorted because their shades are in minority.
- in first mixed colors we have yellows, golds, silvers, whites, blacks, browns and transparents
- in second mixed colors we have nudes, silvers, bronze, whites and transparents

What do you think about my collection? Do you like shades and brands I own?

OPI - Over the taupe

After some spring colors, I'm bringing you this winter beauty. OPI Over the taupe is grey-brown shade that suits most skin tones. It is rare shade and it's also great for business as for an everyday use.

Layers on my nails:
  • 2 layers of OPI
  • 1 layer Seche Vite

How do you like the color?

Golden rose 86 with nail tip decoration

I really minded my partially transparent nail tips while wearing green Golden rose polish so I've put some interesting nail art over it.

First I've painted my tips with OPI Yoga-ta get this blue that I've swatched in this post. The thin line of glitter I've made by putting Essence 03 Clyde. One top coate of Seche Vite and that's it :)

How do you like it?

Golden rose - 86

I know that it is winter, so to remind you of what is coming next I'm bringing you this beautiful spring green shade - Golden rose - 86. It's almost neon, pastel green cream color. Very smooth and shiny.
I must make a remark about it's transparency, here I put 4 coats, and I could still see my nail tips...

China Glaze – 713 Orange marmelade

Today I'm bringing you my personal favorite for orange polish - China Glaze Orange marmelade.

This is beautiful jelly based orange with warm tone to it, decorated with golden-orange glitter. They named it very well if you ask me, cause I could eat my fingers how delightful they look like :D

When I look at this pictures I feel like looking at sunset...

In shade:

What is your favorite orange? Do you even like orange polishes?

In next post I will show you dupe for this polish, cheaper version, although I like this one better.

Bell – 301


I love green polishes, and for today I have prepared for you this one - Bell - 301. I get my Bell polishes in Refan, and I like it's ratio price/quality. This is dark emerald green color, but I doesn't look black even in shade!

I have also swatched it with Essie Matte about you on top of it:

I love it more in shiny version, though :) But both are pretty, as I will show you in further pictures.

Outside/outdoors, without top coat:


And this is with Essie Matte over it, very nice version too:

Which version do you like better?

Bell – 423


Today I will present to you one of the most beautiful blue polishes that I own - Bell 423. It is neon-alike color that I love:

Color is somewhat deeper than on most of the pictures.
I layered this cream blue Bell in 2 layers and than Seche Vite for fast drying over it, but it shines enough without top coat also.
It is jelly and little bit transparent on my nail tips with these 2 layers, but with 3 it would be opaque.

In the shadow:

In the house, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

What are your favorite blues?