Deborah - Sun Power with S-he - 453 Red glitter

Hello my dear readers!

Another warm combination is coming right up to warm you up :)
I started manicure with Deborah Sun power which is very warm yellow with micro shimmer in yellow color too.

On top of it I've layered red glitter polish from S-he in a sheer red base. Combination turned out even more warmer - orange with red glitter.

Nail polish from S-he doesn't have only red glitter in it, it has a multicolor glitter, but red glitter dominates the most.

Kleancolor – Sparkle purple

I wanted to give manicure I reviewed in this post a touch of glitter so I have decided to layer nice contrasting Kleancolor in shade Sparkle purple on top of my Orly Hookup.

There is only one layer of Kleancolor on top of Orly! I've finished manicure with Seche Vite top coat.

Orly - Hookup

Dear readers!

It's cold and snowy outside so I'm bringing you another warm spring color to warm you up :)
I know that many people don't like yellow polish on nails, but if you are into yellows like I am, but also having trouble finding the "one" in that shade, this review might help you.

Orly Hookup is beautiful yellow shade that is strong in color and has a pearly finish.

I have swatched this one in third day of wearing, and it hasn't chipped a bit!

There are three layers of polish, pictures incoming:

St. Valentine's Polish Giveaway - Winner

Dear readers!

First I would like to apologize for being 1 day late, but I couldn't make it earlier. I came from Ukraine yesterday almost at midnight so that is why you had to wait a bit.

And the second is the big news:
Lucky winner is Nail Crazy!


To all other followers that entered the contest, I'm very happy that you have applied, thank you.
There will be another giveaways and I hope even more people will participate :)

Giveaway post

Wish list - Part 2

Continuing this post...

Blue Buzz Source

Calm/Wild Source

All Claire's neon holos collection Source
Example picture:

Chunky Blue Source

Chunky Silver Source

Chunky Purple Source

Green Glitter Source

Grape a licious Source

Lucky charm Source

Red glitter Source

Mesmerize Source

Bright tights Source

L.A. Girls
Groupie Source

Peacock feathers Source

Purple rain glitter - I've received this as a present, thank you my dear!

Sapphire - I've received this as a present, thank you my dear!

All from DS Collection, some swatches are here
Example Source

Rival de loop
No. 10 Source
Blue Sapphire Source

There will definitely be a Part 3 wish list with China Glaze, BB Couture, Zoya, Color Club etc.

Valentine's nail art

Dear readers!

I'm very busy lately, so I don't manage to post as much as I did before.
This week I did Valentine's manicure

First I've polished Eveline Maximum growth base polish.
After that I've layered 2 layers of Deborah Lippmann - Nefertiti that I've got as a gift from my darling, thank you!
And then I've painted hearts with Essie - Jag-U-Are in only 1 layer like this:
  • Scotch tape for defining border of the down (narrow) part of the heart
  • Painting upper part of the heart with two strokes with red nail polish
  • Fill the empty parts between upper part of heart and scotch tape if needed
  • Remove scotch tape
I've finished manicure with Seche Vite top coat for fast drying.

St. Valentine's Polish Giveaway - Part 2

Dear readers and fellow bloggers!
This is follow-up of St. Valentine's giveaway that you can read about here.


Wish list - Part 1

Some of my secret desires coming to daylight :D

OPI Blue Shatter Source

Zoya Ivanka Source

Nubar Petunia Sparkle Source

Nubar Night Sparkle Source

NFU OH 56 Source

NFU OH 40 Source

NFU OH 51 Source

NFU OH 61 Source

Is some of these nail polishes on your wish list too?

p.s. If you want to sell any of these polishes (new or used) feel free to contact me :)

St. Valentine's Polish Giveaway

Dear readers and fellow bloggers!
I decided to celebrate this years St. Valentine's day with a little giveaway.

Catrice – 460 In The Bronx

Dear readers!

Are you still feeling cold? This manicure could warm you up :)
It is a nice warm bronze shade - Catrice - In the Bronx

I've took pictures of this one in different angles and various illumination, so you might think it is different nail polish, but, in fact, it's the same one, even the same manicure. Polish dazzled myself with it's many faces :)

I like Catrice polishes, both price in quality they offer, and even the amount of polish isn't little.


  • 1 layer of Eveline Maximum Growth
  • 2 layers of  Catrice – 460 In The Bronx (almost all Catrice polishes need only 2 coats to get opaque)
  • 1 layer of Seche Vite fast drying top coat

Rainbow stripes Nail art

Dear readers!

I'm sure you're going to love this manicure :) I've put so much effort in it and I think it turned out really good. But I hope you will leave comments of your option about it.