My stash

Here you can see my collection in excel table, where you can also comment - link.
Document contains all relevant informations:
  • Brand-Name - polishes are sorted by brand and then by name. All polishes of the same brand have the same colored background.
  • Number of layers needed - number of layers that are needed when doing manicure with them. I've polish each of them on plastic nail to find that out ;)
  • Is it for sale or sold? - if I want to sell some polish, it is marked with "Pending". If it is sold, marking is of course "sold" :)
  • Is it swatched or already on blog? - I swatch my every manicure, but I don't have time for posting it all on blog. That polishes are marked with "swatched". Polishes marked with "on blog" you can find on my blog.
My collection in pictures is available here - link

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