Essence – Crack me! Silver

Dear readers!

Crackle mania in nail polish world has continued! Today I'm presenting you one of the versions you can get in Croatia, and wider - Essence crackle nail polish in silver version. Color in bottle is beautiful, and that's the only reason I bought it even though I already had silver P2 crackle polish. It is silver glitter that enchanted me like most of the glitter do :)

Now about the polish on the nails... I wasn't pleased with that at all as I was when looking at the polish in the bottle. First reason is that glitter is not that visible as in the bottle. The second one is that it doesn't crackle as much as I would like it to do, like P2 polishes do, for example, this lovely P2 in black. But if you like the polish to have smaller crackles and glitter that is not so visible, I recommend you to buy this one, cause aside from my personal preferences, I don't have downsides to mention. It even dries very fast, like all crackle polishes I've tried.

OPI - Melon of troy

Dear readers!

I'm bringing you this nice spring OPI color in the shade Melon of troy, to brighten this cold weather we have here in Europe. It is nice peachy pink color with pearl finish.

I haven't got time and space to review this polish the same day I polished it on, so it got a little bit ruined after some time of wearing. But color and consistency can be seen in swatches so I'm still posting it :)

S-he – 387 Pink

Dear readers!

I've done some swatches of this beautiful neon pink, but for some reason I haven't posted it before. In this post I have layer P2 black crackling polish over it because I liked the contrast of black over bright neon polish :) And here it goes - detailed swatched of this beauty:

On daylight:

Sephora Black Strass with Volare flash red glitter

Dear readers!

This is one of my favorite glitter manicure and I hope you will see why. Over Sephora's Black Strass I have layered Volare flash red gliter with hexagons no.106. Black strass already had silver glitter in it so it turned out even more interesting.

Red really does pop out on black, don't you think so?

Look by Bipa – Hot love

Dear readers,

I'm continuing with review of low price polishes.
Today I'm going to show you one of the brand Look by Bipa. I'm pretty pleased with texture and pigmentation of this nail polish, and I do recommend it :)

I've also did a conadicure over it with Manhattan 76 black. These are older pictures with one of my first conadicures, so they are not even, forgive me for that. But I still like it, if I had to name this manicure it would be Chinese manicure, cause for some reason it reminds me of China.

Yolizul – 779 in Silver

Another cheap polish brand you can buy in Croatia is Yolizul from Offertissima. For the difference of L.A. Colors - Blue Velvet and Purple polish I bought in China store, I am O.K. with Yolizul polishes. They are not great, but for 6kn~1$ you cannot expect much more. Some actually surprise me like this silver one I'm going to review and swatch for you in this post. Others are more transparent, so they need few more layers, but they do not leave bad strokes on your nail like cheap polishes I reviewed recently so it's acceptable :)

Before any additional swatches,
allow me to apologize for my bad cuticles.

L.A. Colors - Blue Velvet

Dear readers,

I'm continuing review of polishes where I love the color, but hate their consistency.
This blue L.A. Colors nail polish is one of them. I gave it away for that reason, so these are some older pictures.

This metallic shade is very hard to put on your nails, cause it pulls off and leaves strikes. To bad, because I love blue polishes!

Not all their shades are hard to get on like this one, maybe their metallic collection is only leaving strikes. Their Enchantment shade wasn't like this at all...

Do you have any of L.A. Colors polishes? How do you feel about them?

Purple china polish

Hi to all!

Tonight I decided to make a post about polish I haven't liked so much on my too short nails (nail on my ring finger got broken so I cut them). I bought it only because of beautiful color and the price was cheap so I haven't got much to loose.

Name of the brand I could se on it was only M, as you can see on the pictures. Of course, shade also don't have a name.
One of the two worst things with this cheap china polishes that you can buy in china stores here in Croatia is their smell. It's something like entering room whose walls were just painted and wooden floor varnished, with no window to open.
Other is consistency that is so bad - you can see on the pictures how polish pulled while I was polishing my nails.


I don't recommend this polish, even though colors are sometimes delightful. If you want to buy cheap polish you should invest just a little bit more and get some nice brands like Golden Rose, Essence, Catrice, Flormar (this is also my favorite cheap polish brand - around 2€ per polish).

I only buy O.K. china polishes in Offertissima that I can do something with them. Do you buy any china polishes?

Orly - Purple velvet

Dear readers!

Sorry for not posting for a while, but I was on vacation. Even though I haven't posted, I worked behind the scene for blog - I bought nice little bunch of new polishes :)

Here is the list of my newbies: 
Pupa - L104 Silver
Pupa - M049 Black
Pupa - M077 Gold
Alessandro - 259
Alessandro - 257
Alessandro - Adore me - Purple
Alessandro - Wicked Ginger
Max factor - Angel nails
Opoola - 41 Green
Misslyn - 545 Greenwood
Catrice - Sunny Side
Anny - 215 One and only
Maybelline - Colorama 145
Essie - 58 Jag-U-Are
Essie - 91 Midnight Cami
Essie - 46 Damsel in a dress
Bell - 019 Brown
Bell - 414 Brown
Essence - 112 Time for romance

So if you want to see swatch of any of these soon, please let me know :)
p.s. Essie surprised me the most - I haven't seen such an opaque polish in a while
I've also swatched my "old" beauty - Orly Purple Velvet. It dries matte, so I haven't putted any top coat over it. For that reason it also dries fast.

Let me show you how it looks on me:

 I also love their bottles for matte polishes - made of matte glass.

Until next reading...

She - Nude with newspaper print

Dear readers!

I'm bringing you this beautiful nude with newspaper print over it.

Newspaper manicure print is done this way:

  1. Polish wanted nail polish in light shade over your nails and let it dry
  2. Get some newspapers, cut them into pieces that will fit your nails and wet them in alcohol (I used Croatian rakia :)
  3. Put it over nail
  4. Remove newspaper
  5. Put some top coat over as a finish

And that's it :) You can also dip nail into alcohol and than put dry newspaper over nail if you find that as a better way (step 2.).

Would you try out this manicure? Tell me about results if you do :)

Look by BIPA – Fire cracker

This is dupe for China Glaze Orange marmelade that I promised.

As you can see, golden-orange glitter in this polish is little bit less visible than in China Glaze. But if you cannot get China Glaze, this is very good alternative.

I swatched this polish on a light rain, so that is why there are little rain drops on my nails and skin. Hope you don't mind :)

Indoors, without flash:

With flash: