Eveline – Color show 495

This is post about one of the rare nude colors that I like - Eveline Color show 495. Nudes and other "business" colors usually doesn't fit my tan or nature to well. For that reason I also dislike grayish and taupe nail polish colors that most of the women are very fond of.

But this is the business shade I feel good wearing it! Maybe it is because of some warm tone to it, as my skin has neutral to warm (yellowish) tone, so that suits me better.

The application is quite opaque, and it's easy to apply. Price is low to, about 20kn ~ 3$, if I remember correctly, so I would definitely recommend it to buy. Here in Croatia you can buy it in Kozmo drugstores. Only bad side to Eveline polishes is that they have low choice of shades - only about 10 or so, and they are all ordinary - red, pink and nudes.

Follow-up swatches:

In the house (inside pictures):

Do you like bussines colors more, or vibrant ones?

Constance Caroll – 331 Sugared Lilac

This is one of the cheapest polish in my collection, I bought it on a market for 12 kn~ 2$. But quality for that price was dazzling, it lasted 5 days on my nails! I needed to put 3 layers for color to become opaque. I think this is a great color for upcoming winter period.
1. Alessandro nail hardener as a base coat
2. Sugared Lilac, 3 color coats
3. Seche vite as a top coat

Do you own any of these? What do you think about the color?

Color Club - Hey gorgeous

Dear readers!

For tonight I have beautiful vamp burgundy color for your nails - Color Club Hey gorgeous:

This is one of my favorite dark red polishes that I own, and I wear it when ever I want to feel sexy :)
It is great choice for autumn, it goes well along with warm color of leaves...

More review in pictures:

What is your favorite vamp color?

OPI – Absolutely Alice

Today I have the most loveable blue beauty - OPI Absolutely Alice! Glitters, glitters, love 'em all :)
And this one is made only from glitters, there is no color base in the polish.

There are 4 layers on the nails:
  • OPI base coat
  • 2 layers of OPI Absolutely Alice
  • Seche Vite fast drying top coat

Pictures are taken outside, but on a cloudy day! Yet, they look so wonderful. I love this polish, it has only one flaw - it's too hard to take it off, so I recommend taking it off with foil.

And here comes bunch of swatches of this beauty, click to see pictures bigger:

Indoor swatch:

I have layered few polishes for experiment:
On my index finger I have layered Opi Merry Midnight, on ring finger Zoya Roxy, and on pinkie I have layered Zoya Charla.

There is not much difference when layering Zoya Charla, due to the similar color. But the other two colors made interesting effect, don't you think? :)


I have some news on my blog! 
I have putted on the left from the post - list of my polish haul. So if you want me to swatch some of that polishes soon, feel free to make request, via commenting on my posts.

Claire's mood nail polish – Happy/earthy


Today I am going to write about another trend that I loved - color changing polishes, in this case by temperature.

For example I have Claire's Happy/Earthy, that changes color from green when it's cold, to yellow-green when polish is worn in warm enviroment. I really like it's color and effect, so this post is going to be heavy with pictures :)

Cold - Green: 

Warm - Yellow-green:
On next swatches you will see that some polish is chipped from nails, that is because I have worn it for few days.
Indoors - cold:
Indoors - warm:

More swatches for cold color:

More swatches for warm color:


P2 crackling – 010 black explosion over S-he 387

Dear readers,

Today I'm bringing you trend popular during this year - crackling nail polish.
All crackling nail polishes are used as a top coat, so it's best to combine it with contrast base color, for example, I would combine black crackle polish over white or some bright neon color.
I have putted my P2 black crackling over almost neon pink S-he 387, and here are the results:
There are 2 layers of polish:
  • S-he 387, 2 layers
  • P2 black crackle
  • Seche Vite
Before I have puted Seche as a top coat, P2 has dried matte. I like it better in this shiny version, though.
After you apply P2 as a regular polish, it crackles instantly. It also dries very fast. What is the best quality of this polish for me is that he is random in his cracks, he doesn't dry in stripes but very asymmetrically how I prefer :)

Flomar Supershine No.14

Greetings dear followers!

After a while, I decided to start posting again. Hope you didn't missed me too much :)
I saw that my recent post had nice response, so I picked this beautiful purple shade that also reminds me of China Glaze Ruby Pumps, just purple version. You can see it in this pictures that are showing close up color:

There are 4 coats of polish on my nails:
  • 1 coat of Eveline Maximum nails growth
  • 2 coats of Flormar Supershine no. 14
  • 1 coat of Seche Vite for fast drying
I put Eveline as a base coat to repair my nails, and avoid splitting I had recently. I'm using it for approximately two weeks and I must say it seems it does the job and helps my nails grow longer and stronger. Also, the price is low, 19kn ~ 3$, so it's definitely worth trying. I recommend it!

It is not good as a base, though. Nail polish that goes over it tends to slip and pull away, so you need to be extra carefully. But it is manageable as you will see on the pictures.

 Bottle of all Flomar polishes has interesting cap, that makes it look elegant, but I must say I don't like it due to the fact that it doesn't fit most of my nail polish boxes because of it's height. So, my Flomar polishes, that I love, must be contained separately in drawer that is high enough for them.

I bought this nail polish in Garden mall, Zagreb, but from recently you can also find it at Kozmo drugstores.
The price is 15 kn ~ 2,5$, for Supershine 20 kn ~ 3,5$ (if I recall correctly) which I consider as very good price due to polish quality. Amount that you get in bottle is 10mL, 0.3 fl. oz.

Bunch of outdoors pictures:

I love purple polishes, and Flomar as a polish brand.

Thank you for watching!