OPI DS Sapphire


I did my first konadicure with Manhattan black polish design over OPI DS Sapphire. There are 3 layers of OPI DS Sapphire, with Manhattan black polish and Seche Vite for fast drying over that.

First, some pictures without konadicure. That day was cloudy, so the holographic effect isn't so visible:


Inside pictures:

Finally, conadicure :) I've used essence stampling set.

Do you like doing conadicure on holo polishes, or holo effect is already to strong to handle more decorations? Personally, I liked the conadicure on holo, as well as on polished that doesn't have that effect :)


  1. Prošetala sam blogom i moram ti reći...ženo,da mi se ogrebat o koji lak,čini mi se da imamo sličan ukus :-)

  2. Baš mi je drago da ti se sviđa :D Trebale bi se naći i obaviti swap da si malo "ponovimo" kolekciju ;)


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