Bujoris No.13.

Hello and good evening!

This is the first Bujoris nail polish I bought - Bujoris No.13. It is dark plum color with purple shimmer in it. It looks blackish when there is no light. There are two coats. The brush is very wide, so the application is fast. It is written on the polish: 1 nail -> 1 stroke -> 1 second, so the wide brush is great for fast manicure.

Let me show you some pictures. Bottle:

Nails outside:

Inside (no direct sunlight):

Color from closeup:

I think that brush is great, and the nail polish is good for application. But, I think it is too expensive, and I don't like this color very much cause it is too blackish for me. When I want black - I use black, so if I'd like something more colorful I want it to be without doubts, so not too blackish, or too whitish or to transparent :)



  1. Meni se bojica sviđa.
    Ako je tebi baš višak,rado ću udomiti ovog ljepotana :-)

  2. Drago mi je da ti se sviđa :)

    Jesi možda za to da se mijenjamo? :D Imam još par komada koji su mi tako tako pa ti se možda i oni svide.

    Ako si za javi mi se na mail ;)

  3. I like the color but hate the quality of Bourjois polishes. :(

  4. Yes, the quality isn't that good, but the brush is great :D

    I don't think I'll buy more Bujoris polishes cause I don't even like the color :)

    But I'm glad you girls like the color!


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