My collection

Dear readers!

I finally took some pictures of my collection with over 230 polishes! For bigger pictures please click on picture that interest you.  

And for really big pictures do this:
- right click on picture
- choose option "Open link in new tab"
- go to new tab and click on picture (+)

Some of them (around 50) are swatched on this blog, and I've made very easy way for you to find them. On the left you have column with all of my polishes presented with their name. If I have swatched some polish it is presented as link, so when you click on polish name it will lead you to post where I wrote about that polish :)

Pictures are sorted by colors:
 - in reds we have reds, pinks and oranges
 Artificial light:  
Daylight (all next pictures are taken in daylight):
- blues:
Next colors aren't sorted because their shades are in minority.
- in first mixed colors we have yellows, golds, silvers, whites, blacks, browns and transparents
- in second mixed colors we have nudes, silvers, bronze, whites and transparents

What do you think about my collection? Do you like shades and brands I own?


Thank you for commenting! I appreciate it :)
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