China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

The summer is coming, birds are singing, sun is shining... Don't you feel like wearing a neon polish? I do :D
I bought beautiful turquoise neon called China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, and I swatched it for you.

It is a matte shade, but if you don't like matte polishes you can always make it shine with your favorite top coat. Let's see some pictures :)


 Going toward the sun:

The shiniest you're going to get with this matte on a very strong sun:

And now for the one that likes it shine (like me :D ):
OFC I tried some nail art again, I think this was more successful :)



What neon colors do you like?

Stay well and polished till next reading ;)


  1. Oh yeah - come to mama. I have to have this shade.

  2. Ummm este le quiero, me he enamorado, jaja. Besos


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