New Catrice Collection

Hello dear readers!

As first, I would like to apologize for not posting quite some time. I was quite busy, but I'm back :D
And I'll start with new Catrice Collection before it get old and new collection comes into it's place :)

I bought two beautiful colors from this collection:

Both are 10 mL/0.34 fl.oz. and made in Luxembourg.

The first one (on the left) is deep peach color named 170 I Scream Peach! You might also say it leans to coral color too. When you buy it it seems for couple of shades lighter, so it dries darker an deeper on the nail. So be careful if you don't want it to be darker :) I liked the color as it looked like in the bottle, so I'm planing to mix it with some white polish to make this shade look more brighter on the nail. The color is beautiful either way, but the darker one doesn't go very well with my tan :(

The second one (on the right) is dark blue color called 270 It Blue My Mind. I like blue colors of the nail polishes, and this one is awesome! :) The only problem is that is not so perfect for application, but with this low price you can't expect perfection.

I like the names of this colors, and bottles too. The polishes are cheap, but they watched for the details :)

Let me show you some nail pictures. I'll start with 170 I Scream Peach! (this interjection is part of the name :D ) I haven't manage my cuticles here, so try not to see that XD

On the bright sun:

Only daylight, but not on the direct sun:
Trying to catch only color with no reflection:
One more for my soul :D
Color of 170 I Scream Peach! on closeup:

Next one shade is 270 It Blue My Mind. I polished it the day before, so you'll be seeing little bit of chipping cause I haven't put Top coat, and also I did some nail art on my pinkie cause I wanted to try my new LA Colours ArtDeco nail art polish that haven't turned up the best, but nwm let's look at the catrice polish :D
I pictured it in sunset, so the real color is little bit lighter, and my tan isn't as yellow too :D

The more realistic colour you can see on the pictures of bottle that I made during the day:

Color of 270 It Blue My Mind on closeup:

Did you bought any polishes of the new Catrice Collection? Which one did you like the most?
That's all for today dear reader, hope you liked it! <3

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