Orly – Bailamos

Dear readers!

I had a request for next polish - Orly Bailamos. It is beautiful turquoise shade with bright turquoise but subtle shimmer.

It is really great summer color and it's quite opaque. Here I've used:
  • 1 layer Sally Hansen Maximum Growth as a base
  • 2 layers of Orly Bailamos
  • 1 layer Seche Vite as a fast drying top coat

Request of this review was based on my collection that you can find here.
If you want me to make review from some of these polishes please make a comment or send me an e-mail :)


  1. This color is great. It's like a tiffany's box.


  2. Wow! What a gorgeous colour! Definitely a must-have!!
    Makes me want the summer!!! and for me summer means holidays in croatia since I was born :)

    Alice in WonderNails
    Alice on Facebook

  3. krasan :D
    ne znam zašto nikad u readeru ne vidim tvoje fotke :(

  4. Hvala :) Kako misliš - u readeru?

  5. LOVE Love love the turquoise color - so gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xo jen


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