Bourjois – 14

Another nice and subtle color that you might even wear to work is Bujoris - 14. Line is described as the one that lasts 10 days, of which I cannot say much because I don't wear any polish that long.

I like this color, it's warm enough to indulge my tone of skin.
I think these colors that are nude or close to nudes are very much depended on your skin tone. Mine is neutral to slightly yellowish tone, with medium color to it - I usually wear powders that are named "nude" or "cream". So, if you like how some color is looking on my nails, these informations might be helpful for you.

Bujoris 14 is quite opaque nude pink color, it looks good even with 1 layer, but I have layered it 2 time, maybe just for a habbit.

Inside picture of color:
And the bottle:


  1. I own this little fella and I absolutely love it.

  2. Glad you like it :)
    Only thing I don't like about this polish is that it has aslope cutted brush.

  3. zgodna bojica... njihova mi je četkica grozna i ovaj lak na mojim noktima odbija ostati dulje od par sati, nismo kompatibilni ;)

  4. I ja ne volim tu koso rezanu četkicu, ali neke cure kažu da im je preciznije nanositi lak tako tako da je vjerojatno subjektivan dojam kao i za širine četkica :)


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