China Glaze – 713 Orange marmelade

Today I'm bringing you my personal favorite for orange polish - China Glaze Orange marmelade.

This is beautiful jelly based orange with warm tone to it, decorated with golden-orange glitter. They named it very well if you ask me, cause I could eat my fingers how delightful they look like :D

When I look at this pictures I feel like looking at sunset...

In shade:

What is your favorite orange? Do you even like orange polishes?

In next post I will show you dupe for this polish, cheaper version, although I like this one better.


  1. možda je to samo zbog imena, ali mene posdjeća na marmeladu od marelica ;)
    volim narančastu, ali mi na žalost, prestrašno stoji pa je nosim samo u nekoj kombinaciji

  2. Možda samo nisi pogodila nijansu :)
    Meni sve boje osim sive stoje, dok god pogodim nijansu. Ili sam ja uvjerena u to haha :)


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