Eveline – Color show 495

This is post about one of the rare nude colors that I like - Eveline Color show 495. Nudes and other "business" colors usually doesn't fit my tan or nature to well. For that reason I also dislike grayish and taupe nail polish colors that most of the women are very fond of.

But this is the business shade I feel good wearing it! Maybe it is because of some warm tone to it, as my skin has neutral to warm (yellowish) tone, so that suits me better.

The application is quite opaque, and it's easy to apply. Price is low to, about 20kn ~ 3$, if I remember correctly, so I would definitely recommend it to buy. Here in Croatia you can buy it in Kozmo drugstores. Only bad side to Eveline polishes is that they have low choice of shades - only about 10 or so, and they are all ordinary - red, pink and nudes.

Follow-up swatches:

In the house (inside pictures):

Do you like bussines colors more, or vibrant ones?


  1. I'm actually more fan of vibrant colors. I think we have these polishes in Slovenia too since August, need to check them, when I'll be in Ljubljana.

  2. Some red from them might please you, you should check some definitely :)


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