P2 crackling – 010 black explosion over S-he 387

Dear readers,

Today I'm bringing you trend popular during this year - crackling nail polish.
All crackling nail polishes are used as a top coat, so it's best to combine it with contrast base color, for example, I would combine black crackle polish over white or some bright neon color.
I have putted my P2 black crackling over almost neon pink S-he 387, and here are the results:
There are 2 layers of polish:
  • S-he 387, 2 layers
  • P2 black crackle
  • Seche Vite
Before I have puted Seche as a top coat, P2 has dried matte. I like it better in this shiny version, though.
After you apply P2 as a regular polish, it crackles instantly. It also dries very fast. What is the best quality of this polish for me is that he is random in his cracks, he doesn't dry in stripes but very asymmetrically how I prefer :)

For bigger pictures, click on picture!
How do you feel about this crackle trend? Over what polishes do you put crackle?

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