St. Valentine's Polish Giveaway

Dear readers and fellow bloggers!
I decided to celebrate this years St. Valentine's day with a little giveaway.

This is not a classic giveaway, and it is only for fellow bloggers that can make post about nail polish on their blog.

Rules for the competition:

1. This competition starts today and lasts until 22.2.2012. when winner will be announced.
2. You can apply with commenting on this post and giving me a link to your blog where you will make a review if you win the polishes
3. You need to be follower of this blog to apply

Rules when you win the competition:

1. You will get two polishes for a review - one drugstore brand, and one higher brand. I will announce details about polishes last few days of the competition :)
2. You need to make a review on your blog about these 2 polishes. In review you need to mention where did the review circle started (this blog) and from which blog you received your item.
3. After that you need to forward these polishes to another blogger, or bloggers, if you want to give each to one person. This person(s) also must follow these rules.
4. If some blogger decide to keep polishes for them self and not to forward it "around the world", (s)he will be frobiden to enter any of my future giveaways. Purpose of this is to connect bloggers around the world with things they love - polishes :)

Good luck to every competitor!

There is no source for the pictures, because I made them myself.


  1. ovo je super ideja, nešto slično sam mislim već vidjela na netu, ali sad svakako želim sudjelovati :D

  2. Drago mi je da ti se sviđa i da sudjeluješ :)

  3. Super je ideja za darivanje :)
    Sudjelujem (ako i ne osvojim, nadam se da cu biti dio lanca) :)

  4. I'd love to participate in this giveaway, thanks for sharing. And I'd love if you followed me also.

  5. Winner is announced here


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