Valentine's nail art

Dear readers!

I'm very busy lately, so I don't manage to post as much as I did before.
This week I did Valentine's manicure

First I've polished Eveline Maximum growth base polish.
After that I've layered 2 layers of Deborah Lippmann - Nefertiti that I've got as a gift from my darling, thank you!
And then I've painted hearts with Essie - Jag-U-Are in only 1 layer like this:
  • Scotch tape for defining border of the down (narrow) part of the heart
  • Painting upper part of the heart with two strokes with red nail polish
  • Fill the empty parts between upper part of heart and scotch tape if needed
  • Remove scotch tape
I've finished manicure with Seche Vite top coat for fast drying.

How do you like it? Would you try this yourself?
Did you had some special Valentine's manicure?



  1. its neat! looks like you've done it sooo easy, love the result!



  2. this is really pretty! i love the gold and red together.

    mobile morsels

    1. Glad you like the color combination :)


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