Orly - Purple velvet

Dear readers!

Sorry for not posting for a while, but I was on vacation. Even though I haven't posted, I worked behind the scene for blog - I bought nice little bunch of new polishes :)

Here is the list of my newbies: 
Pupa - L104 Silver
Pupa - M049 Black
Pupa - M077 Gold
Alessandro - 259
Alessandro - 257
Alessandro - Adore me - Purple
Alessandro - Wicked Ginger
Max factor - Angel nails
Opoola - 41 Green
Misslyn - 545 Greenwood
Catrice - Sunny Side
Anny - 215 One and only
Maybelline - Colorama 145
Essie - 58 Jag-U-Are
Essie - 91 Midnight Cami
Essie - 46 Damsel in a dress
Bell - 019 Brown
Bell - 414 Brown
Essence - 112 Time for romance

So if you want to see swatch of any of these soon, please let me know :)
p.s. Essie surprised me the most - I haven't seen such an opaque polish in a while
I've also swatched my "old" beauty - Orly Purple Velvet. It dries matte, so I haven't putted any top coat over it. For that reason it also dries fast.

Let me show you how it looks on me:

 I also love their bottles for matte polishes - made of matte glass.

Until next reading...

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