Purple china polish

Hi to all!

Tonight I decided to make a post about polish I haven't liked so much on my too short nails (nail on my ring finger got broken so I cut them). I bought it only because of beautiful color and the price was cheap so I haven't got much to loose.

Name of the brand I could se on it was only M, as you can see on the pictures. Of course, shade also don't have a name.
One of the two worst things with this cheap china polishes that you can buy in china stores here in Croatia is their smell. It's something like entering room whose walls were just painted and wooden floor varnished, with no window to open.
Other is consistency that is so bad - you can see on the pictures how polish pulled while I was polishing my nails.


I don't recommend this polish, even though colors are sometimes delightful. If you want to buy cheap polish you should invest just a little bit more and get some nice brands like Golden Rose, Essence, Catrice, Flormar (this is also my favorite cheap polish brand - around 2€ per polish).

I only buy O.K. china polishes in Offertissima that I can do something with them. Do you buy any china polishes?

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