Essence – Crack me! Silver

Dear readers!

Crackle mania in nail polish world has continued! Today I'm presenting you one of the versions you can get in Croatia, and wider - Essence crackle nail polish in silver version. Color in bottle is beautiful, and that's the only reason I bought it even though I already had silver P2 crackle polish. It is silver glitter that enchanted me like most of the glitter do :)

Now about the polish on the nails... I wasn't pleased with that at all as I was when looking at the polish in the bottle. First reason is that glitter is not that visible as in the bottle. The second one is that it doesn't crackle as much as I would like it to do, like P2 polishes do, for example, this lovely P2 in black. But if you like the polish to have smaller crackles and glitter that is not so visible, I recommend you to buy this one, cause aside from my personal preferences, I don't have downsides to mention. It even dries very fast, like all crackle polishes I've tried.


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